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  • Just browsing the site and saw this question. When I was messing with a few MacBooks a month or so ago I could power them on with the pads no matter if the keyboard was plugged in or not. Just thought I would add that to clear up any confusion.
  • I don't think the OS installs would have anything to do with it being how it was running perfectly fine on the OS 30 minutes before I changed the keyboard. I have tried generic 10.6 and 10.7 DVDs. It has to be the logic boards. I just wish I knew wh…
  • Well these hard drives are good. They were working perfectly fine on these computers before keyboard replacement. The computer will not even boot OS X generic dvd. I guess it must be the logic board. I just wish I could find out what I did wrong to …
  • I just don't know what to test. I mean, everything besides the keyboard was working on these machines. I had them on each for an hour plus before replacing the keyboard. I know for a fact every single component such as DC, Hard drive and such is i…
  • Ya it is way to small for me to try anything. I am having my solder guy check it out tomorrow to see if he could patch it up without having to buy a whole new connecter. Who knows maybe ill get lucky. I will update you tomorrow. Thanks for your help…
  • I will see if I can get a wire or something in there. If not I will probably order the part and have it replaced. Do you think if I get the port sorted out I will need another keyboard? I'm just wondering if the short could have ruined this keyboard…
  • Could you please give me a link to the post about resoldering the micro fuse for the backlight? I've looked around but cannot find it. Thanks
  • Ya I have been trying to get some on them eBay with not too much luck. Even prices for water damaged ones are ridiculous. I saw a 13" 2.26GHz model with water damage go for $500 today. I guess I will give Craigslist a shot. Thanks for all you…
  • Nope both came from computers that would not turn on. I know it is along shot to get it fixed, but if it still doesn't work after the replacement I will just sell it as-is on eBay. I won't lose much money. By the way. Do you know anywhere to get w…
  • Yep the screen is completely black, on both displays I tested. Thanks
  • I will post back here in a few days and let you know if the new connecter fixed it or not. Thanks again.
  • Ya I have had it out a few times, but doesn't look too bad.
  • Cleaned it up and still not working. I guess I will just order the part and hopefully that fixes it. If not it is only about $50 bucks spent. Thanks for your help.
  • I have tried another complete assembly and it did not work either. I'm going to open it up, clean it and will report my results here. Thanks