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Are there multipule power pads on a Mac book pro early 2011?

edited November 2013 in MacBook Pro
I've spilled water on my keyboard and my power button no longer works. Normally I unscrew the back on my Mac book and connect pins 5&6 and my mac book turns on if I do happen to let the battery die. However, this time when I connect pins 5&6 nothing happens is there any other way I can turn on my computer without using the power button? Any hell or suggestions are greatly appreciated!


  • Thanks for the post! At the moment I don't have access to looking up the pads for that model, but I wanted to ask -- are you disconnecting the keyboard's ribbon cable before trying to jump it? Often if it's connected that will interfere with jumping the board.
  • I just checked the documentation for early 2011 13" MBP, and it appears there are power-on pads in an unusual location, which I will try to describe: Along the top edge of the board, maybe 2 inches right of the fan, is a screw. Below and less than an inch right of the screw is a large-ish (maybe 3/4" across) chip. Just left of the upper-left corner of this chip you should see two pads side-by-side with a small vertical line between them. These pads are between the chip and the screw, but closer to the upper-left corner of the chip.

    Anyway, I hope that helps! Usually the power-on pads are near the ribbon cable, and this is the first I've heard of unibody Pro pads being in such an odd location. I would try jumping the board with the ribbon cable disconnected, since as I mentioned this can get in the way if the power button is stuck.

    Good luck, and let me know if it works!

  • Thanks for the help john! Sadly none of these methods worked and my
    Mac book still will not power on!
  • Sorry to hear that. You may just have logic board damage that goes beyond the extent of my abilities. There are people on eBay who will sell you a repair for $200-$300, if you want to go that route. It may be as simple as a trace on the logic board that is only connecting intermittently.

    One last thought -- you might try disconnecting both the battery and AC and letting the laptop sit overnight. Sometimes a board will get zapped and maintain a "bad charge" that will not allow it to power on, but if you let the charge dissipate with no power source, sometimes it will power on again. Although, be warned, this type of problem tends to reoccur, so if it powers on again, you might still not be out of the woods.
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