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Tools For MBP

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I am replacing the keyboard in my a1286 and I'm looking for all the tools I need for this operation. What do you use? I found a set over at Powerbook Medic, but I'm not confident this is everything I need for the job.
Thank you.


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    I'd strongly recommend this iFixit screwdriver kit:

    It's ridiculously cheap for what you get, and it's also far more complete and higher quality than comparable kits.

    And if you find that you eventually want fixed screwdrivers (i.e. no removable bits) iFixit sells Moody-brand turquoise screwdrivers like this one that I have found to be excellent:

    Please note -- stay away from the metallic blue Moody screwdrivers that they also sell, because they are awful and inferior quality, but the turquoise ones (as shown in the link) are amazing.

    I tend to keep the 4-5 most common fixed screwdrivers around for daily use, and then use the iFixit kit as needed (I use screwdrivers about 10 hours a day, so it's not practical to be switching bits constantly). But the kit should give you everything you need for an A1286, and it even has equivalents to many of the proprietary Apple screwdrivers.

    Hope that helps!

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