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Sell your MacBook


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Hello, I have an iMac 21.5 2019 with Intel processor. They gave me this computer without a screen where I worked. That was a long time ago and now I decided to buy the screen and surprise. The iMac has an EFI password. I heard that with the Apple Configurator program I could remove the password. I tried to put the iMac in DFU mode but without success. I would like someone to help me Thank 😀


  • Hi!

    Best option is to contact your former employer and ask them to unlock.

    What do you mean when you say you had no success with DFU mode? You couldn't get it into DFU mode, or you did and then it didn't remove the lock? Here's DFU mode and restore instructions:

    If you go into DFU mode, do a restore, and then go into the security utility and aren't able to turn off the firmware password (or rather, it shouldn't be on at that point), then you are stuck.

    Best bet at that point is a bypass, but I don't deal with that kind of thing. Check


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    The company doesn't exist for a few years ago. If I hadn't already gone to ask them for the password

    I haven't been able to access DFU mode. According to Apple, it's disconnecting the iMac and pressing the power button and reconnecting and leaving the button pressed for some seconds, but I do it myself, but the computer doesn't do anything

    I use the same USB-C cable as my 2017 MacBook Pro. I don't know if I need a higher quality cable

  • The computer doesn't do much when you go into DFU mode, but you should see the computer appear in Configurator 2 on the other computer.

    I've never put an iMac into DFU mode, so it's new territory for me.

    You can always take it into an Apple store.

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    Hello, the truth is I don't know what the error may be because I think the problem is in the process of pressing the power button because the iMac doesn't do anything, when you press the power button and connect it when you release it should turn on the iMac but it stays there for hours and doesn't do anything,

  • I would do all the resets to make sure the Mac is in the ideal state to do the DFU mode. Also try a different keyboard in case yours has an issue.

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