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iPad 2 downgrade


I have recently managed to get my niece iPad 2 in good condition

(I know I'm cheap, it was all I could afford and I wanted to get her a nice gift)

The thing is I didn't know that it will be unusable (slooooow....) being updated to most recent available firmware -

I've read some articles about it, and now I'd like to downgrade it to iOS 6 - it is even possible in 2022?

Where to find files? I found no iOS6 on IPSW Downloads.... ideas?


  • Hello!

    Yeah the iPad 2 is not super fast with the newest OS it can take.

    I do not have experience doing this. The one suggestion I would make is to try out Apple Configurator 2 (free download to a Mac from the App Store). It offers much more sophisticated iPad imaging tools than the OS itself, so there may be a way to use it to do this, if you can find the iOS6 image. Or, it may give you access to the files within the app...not sure.

    Good luck!


  • You can watch for a video explanation of downgrade

    Even if it is a process with jumping through hoops, it will be WELL WORTH IT. iOS 6.1.3 was made for the A5 devices!

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