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Sell your MacBook

Late 2016 MacBook Pro A1707 15 inch Touch Bar - No image on laptop but external display works.

There is a faint light on the display which is bluish grey but no image. External monitor works perfectly. My gift for my mom which broke and she needs either a new one or have this repaired.


  • I don't have a lot of specific experience with that machine.

    You say it "broke"...was there something that happened, i.e. did it take a hit or experience liquid damage?

    As far as generic advice, I would reset SMC and PRAM, and I would reseat the video cable (disconnecting the battery first). You can use the iFixit guide to see how to do that.

    Generally with something like that it's either the screen or the board, and my approach would be to swap the screen. If the new screen works you know the old one was bad, and if you get the same thing with a known-good screen, you know your board is fried.

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