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T2 MacBook Pro Activation Lock Solution?


I've bumped into a comment from May 3, 2020 at 1:46 pm on (I am a refurbisher and I am starting to legitimately acquire 2018 T2 machines that I don’t have the password for and are also sometimes firmware locked....)

I've recently purchased a 2018 Macbook Pro with a T2 chip and found out that the previous user has not signed out of their iCloud. I have no way of contacting her as the phone number rings out 😔

I have the login password but cannot remove or reset the mac as there's also a Firmware password which is different. Because of not knowing her iCloud password I cannot deactivate the "Find my Mac" app. 😞

I've found the clip below but I'm having some difficulty identifying the software that is used to modify the firmware .bin file at min 1:37. Also the Activation bypass software at minute 3:20.

Seeing the comment below makes me have some doubts about the amount of truth in the above mentioned video.

I'm asking thinking that you might've experienced issues like this before in your line of work:


REC WEB (1 month ago)

Fake, it does not work if the Mac is in Find Mac mode


I apologise for taking your valuable time but your help would be appreciated.

Kind Regards.


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