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Sell your MacBook


I have a 2013 MacBook Pro I am looking to upgrade the CPU and if possible the GPU. How do I find out what is the best CPU for my MacBook?


  • edited September 2021

    Hi! Unfortunately the CPU and GPU on these machines are connected to the board and not upgradeable. You could potentially swap out the whole board, but it would be a waste of time and money and would not get you a significant performance bump -- it would cost more than the machine is worth. Possibly even more than a 2014 or 2015 model is worth.

    I recommend selling your 2013 for the few hundred it is still worth and buying a replacement computer. It is admirable to want to extend the life of your existing machine, but unfortunately at this point Apple's planned obsolescence is kicking in and there's not much that can be done.

  • Oh John,

    I think you for taking the time to answer my question I appreciate it greatly.

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